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Abby–12 days

I love when people put a little thought and preparation into their session in order to make it more personal! To me, it makes the photos even more special! Every little detail of this photo session had been carefully planned and thought out by Abby’s mom… after all, she had 10 years to plan it! Abby’s parents, Rhonda and Michael, had a little boy who passed away at 3 years old and he was their only child. They knew they wanted another child, but were unable to have children anymore so they tried to adopt… and tried some more… and some more. After 10 years of waiting for their angel they decided to give up because it just wasn’t happening. Then one day they got a call. A woman had heard about Rhonda and Michael and she was pregnant. She wanted Rhonda and Michael to adopt her baby and they couldn’t believe it! After all these years of waiting they finally get to have a baby!! As you can imagine, Rhonda and Michael are overjoyed to finally have little Abby! They are so deserving of a baby and I know they are going to be amazing parents and spoil that girl rotten!! When I arrived for Abby’s shoot I couldn’t believe all the thought Rhonda had put into the prop selection– she’s my kind of girl! 🙂 Every item was sentimental to Rhonda in some way or another. Here’s the list of the props we used…

Cowboy hat and boots: Abby’s Grandad

Pearls: Abby’s Grandmother

Marine Outfit: Michael (Abby’s dad)

Rings: Grandmother’s wedding ring, Great Grandmother’s wedding band, Brother’s baby ring

Bathrobe: Rhonda’s “special” bathrobe that she loves and wears every morning.

Pale pink dress with lace on bottom (black and white photo): Made from Great Grandmother’s slip and handsewn by Abby’s aunt.

Grey and White cocoon and hat: Handmade by Abby’s aunt– She owns a sewing company named Swanky J’s and she is AWESOME!!!! Let me know if you’re interested in some of her stuff!

We used several other sentimental items but these are the ones i’m featuring on the blog. Rhonda and Michael, I hope you enjoy every minute of parenthood! I couldn’t think of better parents for this beautiful baby girl! Congrats! 

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