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The Chavez Family

Another Christmas mini to share today! I am so excited for you to meet the Chavez Family! Sasha is an AMAZING woman with precious kiddos and a great husband! I have to tell you about just how amazing Sasha is — my life would not be complete without this woman, I would be a frazzled, stressed out crazy lady without this woman, I wouldn’t have near as much time for my photography without this woman, I wouldn’t be as good of a  wife without this woman, and I wouldn’t have time to write this blog without this woman! You might be asking who is this amazing Sasha lady?! Well, she is my house keeper! She is sooo much more than a housekeeper though. Most of all, she has become my friend! Sasha never hesitates to go above and beyond her cleaning duties and she ALWAYS amazes me! Sasha doesn’t treat me like just a client or just another house, she treats me like a friend! One day I asked Sasha to clean the oven because I had made a terrible disaster in the kitchen trying to cook Snickerdoodle bread. Well… being the awful cook I am, the bread did NOT turn out right! It was so bad it wasn’t worth eating, and it only left me hungry, a mess, and discouraged. Well Sasha not only cleaned the oven and the kitchen, she went to market street, got all the supplies for the bread, remade the bread, and left 2 loaves on the counter for me! I couldn’t believe it! It seriously had to be one of the nicest things anyone has ever done! Her bread completely put mine to shame,  it was soooo good! I am telling you, if any of you need an amazing house keeper, sanity keeper, bread maker, or superwoman call me! I can give you Sasha’s number and you’ll be so glad! For now, enjoy her adorable family!


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