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Ellison Graves

Wow! I am so excited for this post! I have been wanting to post it for days and I finally had time!! 11 days ago my best friend Hallie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ellison! During Hallie’s pregnancy we decided that I would take pictures during the delivery and as excited as I was about this, I was a little nervous! Obviously I haven’t had a baby myself and I have never been a part of the experience with anyone else so I was unsure of what to expect… I can honestly say that I NEVER expected myself to react the way I did during the delivery– you would have thought it was my own child!! I was so overcome with emotion and pure joy once I saw Ellie that I just started bawling! What an amazing moment to share with my BFF! Now I know why women always say there are no words to describe the experience because I felt that way just after watching it! Haha!  Well, luckily I got myself together in time to capture some very special moments of Miss Ellie’s life. What a beautiful baby she is! (and great size, too!) Hallie’s other daughter, Lilah, weighed in at a whopping 9.1 pounds so we were VERY curious to see how big Ellie would be! All of Hallie’s friends and family even took bets on her weight– and guess who won– yep, momma! I came in a close second! Later on in the afternoon, Lilah came  to the hospital to meet her new baby sister! Lilah was quite unsure of this new “sister” of hers at first, but quickly decided everything was a-ok! She LOVES Ellie so much and I am sure they will be the best of friends! Yesterday was Ellie’s 10 day birthday and she is 10 times more beautiful than the day I met her! I’ve included some pictures from yesterdays shoot as well!

Well, I most certainly think delivery pictures go down in the books as one of my very favorite things to photograph! I hope you enjoy the pictures and get the warm fuzzy lovey feeling inside when looking at them! I know I do! 🙂

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