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French Country Retreat

As most of you know, we’re building a house!!! I am so excited to do the whole process over again! I know many of you enjoyed following the building process on my blog last time, so I thought I would do it again for you! I’m approaching this house blog a little differently, as I have far less time this go around to blog and photograph each little step. Blame it on the 2 year old! 🙂 I think I will just blog inspirations, tidbits of process, hiccups, how its going etc etc.

Let me give a little recap as to what we’ve done so far… We selected Scott Lane Homes as our builder! I couldn’t be happier with this choice! Scott’s vision for his homes is much like my own… very timeless, very french, and very charming. When I met Scott at his parade home a few years ago, I just fell in love with everything about his vision and style! Scott has an amazing Architect, Tyler Gentry, with 17 services. Tyler has been amazing as well! We are loving working with Scott and Tyler on this home. As of today, we’ve nearly framed the whole house!! It’s a little hard to tell what everything is but I will try and point out some fun details.

This house is my dreeeeeeeeam!!! French country through and through! When I think of the exterior of this home, I envision Provence…french bistro music looming in the background, sipping a cold glass of chardonnay on a cobblestone patio, old rustic blue shutters adorning windows with flower filled hanging boxes, and chatting with friends…Haha those are the things I was dreaming of when designing this house. Yes, wine motivated my design… don’t all good things involve wine? 😉 I’ve included some exterior inspiration photos in this blog, all found from Pinterest. The quality isn’t the best in these photos, but you get the idea of what we’re going for. In my next post, I will share my interior inspiration, but yes, it involved wine, too! Here’s some musings on the interior… old planked wood flooring, aged beams, antiqued, honed marble countertops that could have been found in a coffee shop 100 years ago, antique french doors, warm whites, and of course, the coziest of furniture to snuggle up and laugh with friends and family. I’ll stop there. That’s for another blog…

Here are some lovely exterior photos as well as our elevation to get you on the same page as me… Enjoy!

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