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Gwen + Wade

Gwen and Wade are some of our very close friends and I was so excited when she asked me to take their engagement photos! Gwen and I met in 2008 when I first began working at the hospital. She was a pediatric volunteer and was always around helping us out. Gwen then became a practicum student in the child life department and we became great friends! Gwen is one of those friends you can’t live without– she is the most giving, kind, and caring friend in the world! I mean, I don’t know any other person who would help me move not once but TWICE!!! I am a terrible packer and when I was moving to Memphis I couldn’t get everything to fit in my car… Gwen came over, laughed at my packing job, took everything out and completly repacked my stuff– making it all fit perfectly! She is like a master puzzler! Now , coming home from Memphis and packing without Gwen was uhhh– A NIGHTMARE to say the least. 🙂 Gwen was also one of my bridesmaids and i’m sure it goes without being said that, once again, she was a big help! From helping pick out colors, to letting me vent to her about catering problems, she was with me every step of the way!  She even made sure I had a chance to eat at the reception! Wade, Gwen’s fiance, is pretty wonderful too! He is such a gentleman and treats my best friend fabulous! They are such an ideal couple and are made for each other! Greg and I love hanging out with Gwen and Wade and I am certain we will be life long “couple friends!” 

Gwen and Wade will be tying the knot next October with a fabulous destination wedding! I am so excited to share in their special day and help Gwen as much as she has helped me! 🙂 Please meet my wonderful friends, Gwen and Wade…



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