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I am so excited about this post!!! So, many of you know my love for all things home! I love anything related to home design, home decor, the color white, beige, greige, and of course my all time favorite– blue! Home design and decor makes me so excited and it is something I could spend HOURS looking at! Well, that’s no joke– I HAVE spent hours upon hours looking at it!! LOL I am always reading different blogs of my “cyber friends” — really they are strangers who I like to consider my friends because I have spent so much time reading their blogs! Anyway, I have learned so much from reading the blogs of others that it made me want to pitch in and add to the cyber space blog world of home design and decor! We are just about to start building our home and I plan to (fingers crossed) blog my way throughout the entire process. The good. The bad. And the ugly. My hope is that my blog will help others as much as random blogs have helped me! So today I want to start out with first of all giving a shout out to our AMAZING builder, Craig Ray, of Absolute Homes. He has been incredible and I am so thrilled to have him build our home! You can view his website here! I also want to share a few photos I found inspiration from when coming up with the design for our home. I knew I wanted symmetry, stucco, robin’s egg blue shutters, LOTS of windows, a kitchen with windows overlooking the backyard, a little built in nook in the kitchen, a window seat, windows on either side of the master bed, and AND AND AND AND… there were ALOT of wants, but those were the main wants! Craig took all my Pinterest and blog photos (and there were lots) and came up with the most perfect design!! I absolutely LOVE everything about it! We should break ground on our new home in a matter of days and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I hope you will find some helpful ideas for your own home, what worked and what didn’t, and just some fun and entertainment through our process! I can’t wait until the final blog post of the building process where we can compare the “inspiration” pictures to the finished product!!! Ahhh!!!!! Let the building begin!! (Eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!)


First up– The Inspiration photos:

Annnnd here’s the REAL DEAL elevation and floorplan!!

W e l c o m e
F a c e b o o k