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The Build: Week 11&12

Yep! I know, I know– I keep falling down on my word about not skipping a week of the build! 🙂 Last week there really wasn’t much progress to blog so I decided to wait and combine it into week 12’s post! Now I have LOTS to blog about! In the past 2 weeks the brick and stucco was completed, the texture was fixed, some tile was installed and the surround sound speakers were installed!! Yahoo!!! Everything looks sooooo great! I love the color of the stucco– The stucco is a funny story! So, there’s a house in Orchard Park that I have always LOVED! It has the best stucco color, and I was adamant about our stucco being the EXACT same color. Well, our stucco guy made me a sample board of the stucco ( I seriously just said stucco like 100 times) anyway– I decided I would just take it over to this “strangers” house and somehow sneak-ishly walk up and compare it to theirs and see if it matched. LOL so I felt like such a creeper doing that, I just decided I would walk up to the door and ask the person if I could compare my stucco color to their house… talk about feeling awkward. I go to the door with my 2ft by 2ft board to ask, and LUCKILY I ended up knowing the person who lived at the house!!! We had a good laugh about it all, and we both agreed the stucco was a perfect match! I love the way it looks, but I am absolutely itching to get my Robin’s Egg Blue shutters on!!!! Seeing that the entire exterior was planned around my coveted blue shutters, I just can’t wait for that part!! Hopefully those will be coming soon! I’ve included a photo of a house with shutters that are similar to what ours will look like! I also included a close up of the new texture, the tile in the laundry room, master bath, and guest bath (it hasn’t been grouted yet).  Oh, one lesson learned this week– leaving my precious baby (the house) for 5 days out of town was rough and wasn’t cool!!! LOL Enjoy!!



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