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The Build- Week 14 & 15

Sooooo…this is the not so good blog post you all have been waiting for since last week! The past two weeks have had their fair share of up’s and down’s… As I have said all along, I want to share the bad along with the good so I won’t leave anything out. I’m starting with the bad things because they correspond with the exterior of the house and that’s what I always post first–Alright so let’s jump right in… that “beautiful” sidewalk and entry you see above has been the source of the problems! So the genius concrete guy thought it was a great idea to pour the concrete when it was 105 degrees outside. Well, you would think someone who does concrete for a living would know better than to do such a thing… apparently not. Now the concrete is cracked and is going to have to be fixed or completely jackhammered out and redone. yay. Clearly I wasn’t very happy about this. But wait… it gets better… The concrete guy was also asked to cover up the stucco BEFORE doing his concrete work… Well, he didn’t and he ruined the entire exterior of the stucco!! Yes, he splattered concrete top to bottom, side to side, and completely ruined the stucco. This is a TOTAL bummer because it can’t be washed off or buffed out… the entire stucco finish has to be redone. Yay again. LOL Can you now see why I postponed this post until I cooled off for a week?! I am over it now and it is what it is, i’m just sad it has to be redone. It also makes me nervous because I worry the stucco wont look as pretty the second time around… Hopefully that isn’t the case. So now that you know the bad, let’s talk about the good things that happened!! 🙂 Our trim is looking more and more beautiful with each thing they add and I just love it so much! This week they completed the box ceiling in the kitchen and it is LOVELY!!! I am so excited about the way it turned out! I also finalized paint decisions with our interior designer this week! I have the cutest little inspiration board with each paint sample and various design ideas for fabrics and decor! It all looks so pretty! Unfortunately, I have been so busy that I forgot to take a photo of it, and I am too tired to do it now!  I will definitely do that for next week! I also made our first furniture purchase this week!! That was pretty exciting!! I’m off to bed– hopefully all our “woes” will be worked out soon! Night!!

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