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The Build: Week 22

Yes, i’m behind on blogging again. Story of my life! Shoot. Well here I am with a week 22 update! Lots has happened in the past few weeks– cabinets, cabinets, trim, trim, and more cabinets!! We have a lot of woodwork in the house, folks! AND I LOVE IT!!! My favorite place is still the kitchen– I absolutely love everything about it!! You can really see it coming together now! The island isn’t finished yet, but most of the cabinets are! Super exciting! Corey has been working so hard on the cabinets and he has seriously done an amazing job! Greg is now being called Mr. Sandman because he has been lending his hand to help make sure every cabinet is perfectly smooth before any paint goes on them! That’s my little perfectionist hubby! He’s quite a cute sandman if I do say so myself!! So I have a funny story this week– One day I walked into the house and there was this HUGE black speaker built into my wall and it was the most visible wall from the front door and it was the UGLIEST thing I have ever seen! Clearly I freaked because that box was totally ruining the whole “plan” for decor and not to mention it was an eyesore! Holy Moly. I immediately called Greg and asked what the heck this thing was in the wall– he said “oh it’s just a small subwoofer I had them install…” UHHHHH SMALL?? In THAT WALL?!? NO WAY. He laughed at me and thought I was being ridiculous and that it “couldn’t be that bad”… LOL that was before he came over and saw it for himself… Let’s just say that he will ask a lot more questions as far as what the thing looks like, how large it is, and whether or not wifey would be happy with it before letting them just go to puttin things in the wall! LOL luckily we got the 2ft by 2ft ugly box moved to a more hidden spot in the living room and now we just have to have the wall patched and retextured! No biggie if it gets that thing out of my precious decorating space!! hehe! So I need some advice from you all… front door… We have picked out a beautiful door with glass windows in it and I can’t decide if it should be stained dark brown or if it should be painted the same blue as the shutters! I have included some sample photos of both and would love to hear your thoughts!! Oh and this week should be exciting– I think they are painting!!!! Eeeeek! Oh and the exterior trim was painted last week! yay!! Let me know your thoughts on the door! xoxo!

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