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The Build- Week 4

Okay i’ll say it… I AM SOOOO IN LOVE WITH OUR HOUSE!!!! I am loving everything about it and I am just so happy with everything! This week they finished the frame– including my big arch! Yay! I LOVE it!! They also installed the windows, did the roof decking, AND the electrical work!!! I can’t believe how much has been completed in just a week’s time. Everything went smooth this week and we didn’t have any hiccups or hang ups! I want to give a quick shout out to a few people this week… 1.) Of course our builder–Craig– he has been so wonderful to us and has done a great job overseeing the project– and he puts up with all my phone calls and questions without complaining! 🙂 2.) Our electrician– Matt Walker– this guy has worked his butt off!! He worked tirelessly throughout the ENTIRE weekend and until 8:00pm tonight. I truly admire his hard work. No matter what time we went to visit the house he was there working his tail off! I am thankful him! 3.) Eric Springer from Vision Audio– Eric is one of our close friends and he is spoiling us by installing a lot of neat automation into our house! I am not kidding you– our house is a “smart house!” It will have features such as turning the lights off and on by the ipad, a way for me to turn on the lights from my car, speakers throughout with wireless ipod connection, etc etc etc. This goes without saying– this is Greg’s favorite thing about the house! I’m pretty excited too– as long as I can figure out how to use it all! Here’s a few pics from the build this week! Enjoy! Oh, and I am so annoyed the dumpster is in front of the house!! It’s ruining all my photos– i’m going to work on getting that moved before next week! 🙂

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