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The Build- Week 8 & 9 (rutt-row!!)

I know, I know… I am a fibber! I said I wouldn’t skip another post and I did!!! So sorry! Monday’s just sneak up on me– maybe I should have picked a different blogging day! LOL! Okay so… this post oughta be interesting!! (Eeek!) I promised I would blog the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY annnnnd today’s post includes all of them… the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of home building (My builder is probably wanting to punch me in the face right now!) LOL I promised a “real” insight into the process so I can’t leave anything out! Week 8&9 consisted of tape, bed, and TEXTURE (ahem), brick arrival and prep, and door arrival! Let’s just get right to it…



— ¬†Our brick arrived!! Yay! I think it will be very pretty!! The brick guys should be here in a few days and will get started on that!

— The stucco should be started soon

— The doors arrived and I like them!

— Our neighbor’s across the street should be starting their house in a few weeks!!

— We have a neighbor house going up behind us that I can see through the kitchen windows!! Yay! Now we just need one right next to us!! Any takers?!


Alrighty… BAD & UGLY:

I HATE the texture! I wanted smooth walls, but after hearing that smooth walls can get nicked and dinged and can potentially look bad quickly, I compromised with a light orange peel texture. Well, I think there was confusion on exactly what a light orange peel is… Craig (the builder) is totally not at fault for this because I know he and I have the same idea of a light orange peel as I have seen it in his other homes. I think the confusion happened between us and the texture guy. CLEARLY we have different ideas of what a light orange peel is… I am not kidding guys, this texture is CrInGe-WoRtHy!!!!! Ahhh like throw back to the 90’s style! Eek!! I have no doubt it will get fixed (because our builder is awesome like that), and it will end up looking perfect! I’ll keep ya posted! Oh, and let me know your thoughts on everything! I’d love to hear from my readers!!

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