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Troy McGann

Hello long lost friends!! It’s been quite a while since i’ve blogged and I feel terrible for the big delay! The holidays were super busy this year, and I am just now getting caught up. I owe you several blog posts so let’s get started!

I am so excited to share Troy McGann’s senior photos with you! Troy is a senior at Hale Center and plans to attend WT in the Fall. He loves farming and plans to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a cotton farmer. Troy’s session was a lot of fun because we took the photos on his grandfather’s land and I learned SO MUCH about the life of a farmer. Troy taught me about the tractors, how to harvest the cotton, and even about GOAT HEADS!!! LOL! I laugh even thinking about this story so I must share it with you. Right before we got out of the truck to take pictures, Troy’s grandfather said “Well, you gotta be careful and watch out for the goat heads, because they’ll get you!” I immediately got a terrified and confused look on my face… All I could think is, ” Dead Goats?! Why in the world are there head’s of dead Goats out here?!” I think Troy realized the fear and concern on my face and he reassured me that these “goat heads” are actually stickery thorns commonly referred to as goat heads!!! Wow! I felt like a big dummy who clearly doesn’t spend enough time in the outdoors!!! 🙂 We all shared a great big laugh about this and it was a fun way to start off the shoot! I am certain I will ALWAYS think of Troy any time I see a goat head sticker and/or a real live goat! haha! Well anyway, now that you all got a big laugh at my expense let’s move on! I feel these photos truly capture Troy’s love for farming, and I hope they will be something his family treasures for a long time!

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