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XFINITY Home Security Reviews - A Not Top 10 Security Company

In addition to providing cable, high-speed internet, and internet security, Xfinity Home security systems are also offered with home automation services via its wireless broadband network. Xfinity Home is convenient for current Xfinity customers in that it can be bundled with other services, and typically at a lower-than-average rate.

Payne, Security Gem Reviews "Xfinity home security and all Xfinity products are not worth the money. Their customer service is the worst that I have dealt with. It is so hard to get a real person to talk to and they say they will have a representative call you within 72 hours; that never happens.

Xfinity Home Security is the trademark name for Comcast Cable Systems. Xfinity provides a total home security system and automation solution. With this system, homeowners can look after their home, family, and valuables from anywhere using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

As a home automation provider, Xfinity security does not compete with other companies. For starters, there have been several negative Xfinity home security reviews and Xfinity does require customers to sign a two-year contract and tends to fluctuate with prices.

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